About Me

About Me and My Work

You can trust that I will capture the best candid and posed moments during your wedding day - so that you are left with peace of mind. 

With my educational background in science/research and my goal for a full time career in medicine, I am driven toward excellence in everything I do - including photography. I specialize in photographing engagements, weddings, and other memorable events. I hope you can focus on the present moment during your special day - leaving your memorabilia to me.


Someone once told me that photography is more about emotion and personality than skill (although of course, skill is important). During my photography journey, I realized more and more how true that is! First of all, I am easy to talk to and a couple of my values include integrity and life-long learning. I hope I can capture the emotions you want to express in your photo sessions! If that sounds like something you resonate with, let's connect.

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