About Me

About Me and My Work

Hi, my name is Krystal! I first started photography as an extra-cirricular activity when I was taking casual portraits of University of Toronto faculty members for my department's science magazine. I am currently a portrait (including headshot), boudoir, and engagement photographer who wants to learn about your story. 

On the side, I enjoy running/keeping active and being in nature (the photo above was taken in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia in the Fall of 2021)! I especially like taking portraits in the scenic outdoors. So hit my up for an outdoor shoot.

Furthermore, I am at my best self when connecting with people. I have an appreciation of how portraits and boudoir can show the most intimate or celebratory side of ourselves and want to be a part of your journey.


Someone once told me that photography is more about emotion and personality than skill (although of course, skill is important). During my photography journey, I realized more and more how true that is! First of all, I consider myself to have a very well-rounded and easy to talk to personality that values integrity and life-long learning. I hope I can capture the emotions you want to express in your photo sessions! If that sounds like something you resonate with, let's connect.

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